A podcast all about tech startups! We discuss everything tech & startup related, giving you an inside look at the journey to building disruptive tech startups, how they can solve global problems and answer big challenges to build a better future.

Hear Our CEO Discuss Contested Technologies and Much More!

This week's episode is bringing a very special guest. Someone who has known TandemLaunch since its conception. It is our very own CEO, Helge Seetzen!

He sits down with podcast host, Bobbi Bidochka, to talk about how he was able to take ideas from universities and build them to create deep tech startups which is what TandemLaunch at scale continues to do. SPAC, NFTs, MetaVerse, and other contested technologies are among the topics of this episode so make sure you join us as we jam about deep tech.

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Discover How LATYS is Bringing Intelligence to Antennas

This week's episode is the first of the season to feature two of our co-founders! LATYS co-founders, Artmiz Golkaramnay and Gursimiran Singh Sethi, along with our host, Bobbi Bidochka, discuss everything from smart antennas and the direction of the RF vertical to the 5G hysteria. Should we be concerned?

With LATYS, cutting-edge technology is leveraged from top universities to build robust and efficient wireless infrastructure such as antennas and metasurfaces.

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Fundraising a Startup: Advice from Four Industry Experts

Hosted by TandemLaunch, this special episode of THE LAUNCH podcast offers insight into investment trends in today’s tech landscape, attributes investors look for in founders, and ways to overcome the investor accessibility challenge. Listen to a panel of investing experts in the tech industry discuss relevant topics and offer advice that all entrepreneurs should hear.

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How Soundskirt Took Inspiration from Nature to Develop Their Technology

Get ready to literally "tune in" as the inventor behind Soundskrit's technology as Dr. Ronald N. Miles shares the behind the scenes story on how he used the differences in how insects and human hear sound to build a new and unique technology. Who knew that spiders and tech could go together!

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Special Episode on Female Entrepreneurship & Women in Tech

On July 5th, TandemLaunch is releasing a special summer episode of "THE LAUNCH" podcast. This episode features a panel of 5 trailblazing females who discuss entrepreneurship, startups, and the importance of women in tech. We know there aren't enough women in tech, we know there’s a leaky pipeline and we know that female founders are currently underfunded. Tune in as we unpack some of this.

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TandemLaunch is excited to offer a free course that encourages leadership and inspires young women to consider entrepreneurship opportunities in the tech industry. Starting August 3-20, the Young Women's Tech Leadership Program teaches participants what it takes to build a deep tech startup, including business validation, product development, fundraising and more, through hands-on learning with TandemLaunch's team of experts. Learn more about the program here.


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How to recruit top talent and negotiate salaries - THE LAUNCH #4

Get paid more. That is the mission of Candor!
If you want to learn the INSIDE SCOOP on recruiting top talent and negotiating salaries then you best be tuning in to hear.

This week's episode of THE LAUNCH features Niya D. co-founder of Candor. Equitable salaries with a focus on diversity groups is her jam.

To add the cherry on this cake, we are co-hosting again with Rebecca Croll from Startupfest.

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International Women's Day Panel Podcast

International Women’s Day is March 8th and we're dedicating episode #2 of our podcast, THE LAUNCH, to pay tribute to this important day. TandemLaunch's Bobbi Bidochka is moderating a panel of 5 trailblazing females in tech. In the spirit of this year's theme "choose to challenge", this episode will focus on empowerment, what it means to be fearless, and harnessing the power to change in order to make a difference.


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