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Women in Tech

Special Episode on Female Entrepreneurship & Women in Tech

On July 5th, TandemLaunch is releasing a special summer episode of "THE LAUNCH" podcast. This episode features a panel of 5 trailblazing females who discuss entrepreneurship, startups, and the importance of women in tech. We know there aren't enough women in tech, we know there’s a leaky pipeline and we know that female founders are currently underfunded. Tune in as we unpack some of this.

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TandemLaunch is excited to offer a free course that encourages leadership and inspires young women to consider entrepreneurship opportunities in the tech industry. Starting August 3-20, the Young Women's Tech Leadership Program teaches participants what it takes to build a deep tech startup, including business validation, product development, fundraising and more, through hands-on learning with TandemLaunch's team of experts. Learn more about the program here.


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