Learn What MetaMaterials Are and How They Steer Energy

Be prepared to enter the physics rabbit hole! We know we can't create invisibility cloaking devices yet, (sorry to all the Harry Potter fans out there), but we can definitely use MetaMaterials to steer energy in targeted ways that are just not possible with natural materials. 

Bobbi Bidochka sits down with Chris Alliegro, Managing Partner at MetaVC Capital who explains how he is able to create shapes at different spatial dimensions through interference patterns. More specifically, how putting surfaces in front of energy waves that have microscopic structures smaller than the scale of that energy result in MetaMaterials. 

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Chris Alliegro

Managing Partner, MetaVC Capital

Chris is an experienced executive, investor, engineer, and scientist in technology and private investment. He was most recently managing director of the Invention Science Fund (ISF), following eight years as managing director of the Invention Development Fund with early investments in metamaterials startups, Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: NHIC), Echodyne, Pivotal Commware and Mangata Networks. Previously an executive at Microsoft he managed Microsoft’s business applications and platform strategies. He held several positions at Microsoft, including director of data center operations and engineering, and director of engineering for MSN. Chris was also a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories and earned a PhD in Physics from Yale University.

Chris is a longtime competitive motorsports enthusiast and high-speed car builder. He is a regular fixture racing laps at major U.S. raceway circuit tracks.